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Hi y'all!

I have a very simple beginning and it all revolves around play! Yes, play not clay. Playtime for me as a kid was paints on the back porch, crayons on the couch, markers on the coffee table and on and on. All of my activities swirled around anything creative and usually messy!

My second passion has always been the beach! I grew up in coastal South Carolina and enjoyed free time beach combing, surfing and rolling around in the sand! The low country has provided me with much of the inspiration for my pieces.

I have always loved the feel and versatility of clay and have been getting my hands muddy since 1996. Everything is hand built and high fired with food safe glazes. All molds used are are hand built as well so no two pieces will ever be alike! Every art piece is hand-crafted, therefore, there may be a slight variation in color, size, texture, and finish. These are not considered flaws, but add to the uniqueness of each piece. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about my process!


amy cox pottery

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